Xrayzr Revelations
Xrayzr  Revelations



Xrayzr Revelations   Previews of the Beginning of the End-Time

There is no end to the production of books about “Biblical prophecy”. Many, if not most of them, are extremely limited in scope and often prove to be outdated and useless soon after their appearance.

Xrayzr Revelations reveals much more, in addition to a new and illuminating understanding of ageless Messianic Christian End-Time prophecy.

Xrayzr Revelations explores Bible revelations about the religion and politics of the past, present, and future.

Xrayzr Revelations is an organized and progressive presentation of new, "liberal" and liberating concepts and insights about God, religion, politics, war and peace, good and evil, wisdom and inanity (foolishness), and almost everything else.

Xrayzr Revelations will give you a comprehensive foundational understanding of the fullness of Messianic Christian theology that most theologians have never imagined. You will be enlightened and entertained by the broad range of socially relevant topics discussed, interlaced with “serious satire”.

Xrayzr (pronounced eks-RAY'-zer) promotes peaceful reform in all areas of human thought and behavior — especially in the realms of religion and government.