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The Apoptosis of Mutant Evolution

Theories of self-generated genetic evolution usually begin with imaginary tales of how single-celled bacteria species magically created themselves out of the “common ingredients” found in “primordial soup”, even though no scientist has ever been able to explain, or replicate the “magic” that turns “soup” into complex species of bacteria.

Once the unprovable claims regarding the self-production of single-celled organisms in “primordial soup” are swallowed, theories of self-generated genetic evolution of multi-cellular organisms can begin with silent assumption that at least one pair of physiologically complete, sexually mature (all “systems” and instincts in working order), and genetically compatible male and female versions of any specie already exist so that they can be subjected to imaginary transmogrification into a slightly modified (“self-adapted”) specie that will completely replace the “old”, slightly unmodified specie.

No effort is given to explaining how the “un-designed”, yet always ingeniously interconnected assemblages of fully functioning, vital, and necessary body parts utilized by each and every genetically distinct specie can be endlessly, and mindlessly self-developed while in a state of perpetual genetic transmogrification.

The indoctrination efforts of mutationistic evolutionists are focused on trying to “explain” how, when the numberless bodies of a “handful” (or “landfill”) of species are being “threatened” by insignificant, unprovable changes in their natural environments, virtually 100% of their current, perfectly functioning specie genomes are routinely “saved” by the magical appearance of undirected, “just in time” genetic mutations that somehow “generate” new, more “adaptive” body features, or slight modifications—in one individual.

Of course, the magic of “just in the nick of time” “super-saver mutations” vanishes when just a minimal amount of the reality of genetic mutation is known. Mutant, or even non-mutant (normal) genes don’t cause major, or minor useful differences in the design of body components consisting of billions of self-identifying, co-ordinated living cells.

“Useful” genes (which are themselves composed of protein molecules) are primarily limited to “guiding” the production of different protein molecules from which phenomenally complex living cells are made. The genomes of humans and “apes” are virtually identical because our very similar bodies consist of the same protein molecules—and were designed by the same Creator.

If virtually perfect DNA replication of a cell fails, and a resultant mutant cell isn’t eliminated by “programmed cell death”, or “apoptosis”, the mutant DNA within the cell may be replicated in additional cells in a disorganized, “uncontrolled” manner which can interfere with the normality of an individual’s progressing development; or produce a cellular aberration such as a tumor, or cancer.

This is a definition of “apoptosis” from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apoptosis

Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death (PCD) that may occur in multicellular organisms. Biochemical events lead to characteristic cell changes (morphology) and death. These changes include blebbing, cell shrinkage, nuclear fragmentation, chromatin condensation, and chromosomal DNA fragmentation.

In contrast to necrosis, which is a form of traumatic cell death that results from acute cellular injury, in general, apoptosis confers advantages during an organism's lifecycle. For example, the separation of fingers and toes in a developing human embryo occurs because cells between the digits apoptose. Unlike necrosis, apoptosis produces cell fragments called apoptotic bodies that phagocytic cells are able to engulf and quickly remove before the contents of the cell can spill out onto surrounding cells and cause damage.

Between 50 and 70 billion cells die each day due to apoptosis in the average human adult. For an average child between the ages of 8 and 14, approximately 20 billion to 30 billion cells die a day.

Research in and around apoptosis has increased substantially since the early 1990s. In addition to its importance as a biological phenomenon, defective apoptotic processes have been implicated in an extensive variety of diseases. Excessive apoptosis causes atrophy, whereas an insufficient amount results in uncontrolled cell proliferation, such as cancer.

Humans only have about 22,000 genes that are actively involved in building protein molecules—and that does not mean building cells, or integrated body components. Many non-human creatures have far more “active” protein-building genes. A major reason for the matching of gene-produced protein molecules in a broad range of “flora and fauna” (plants and animals), is that it allows those proteins to be utilized as easily assimilated “food” once the proteins stop being used in the composition of the still-living cells of one body, and that body becomes “food” for some other body.

What used to be called “junk DNA”—sometimes close to 98% of a creature’s DNA—is finally being given credit as a means for trillions of living cells to identify themselves as being part of the same body. Such DNA is not used to guide the “building” of new protein molecules within the trillions of perfectly cohesive, interdependent, and interactive cell structures found in every specie.

But every living “attached” cell in an individual creature’s body must have the same unique genetic “ID”, or it will be “rejected”. Each individual’s genetic “ID” is generated by the replication of unique patterns of non-protein building gene configurations, even though the relatively small number of essential protein building genes are virtually identical across a broad range of life-forms.

Each individual’s unique “junk DNA” is also involved in determining many of the specific forms of “aging” progression that a creature will exhibit, including vulnerability to specific diseases of every kind that were designed to eventually eliminate the “oldest” generation of every specie once it gets past the “age” of optimal reproductive capability—including humans. That in no way implies that humans past the “age” of optimal reproductive capability should die as soon as possible. But that’s what often happens when there is little or nothing available to delay the inevitable.

The process of apoptosis helps to control the proliferation of unnecessary cells that could “spoil”, or interfere with the designed progression of development of every new individual of every specie. And it continues to rid the body of most cells that become dysfunctional, or threatening, such as mutant cancer cells that could rapidly multiply to the point of making normal vital body functions impossible.

Apoptosis is found in single-celled organisms also, but in that case, the entire single-celled organism dies a “programmed” death. Apoptosis is important as one of numerous ingeniously designed processes that ensure accurate replication of specie genomes from generation to generation. Without those numerous interactive gene replicating “correction” mechanisms, major genome mutations could become inheritable, causing what gene mutations usually cause—deformity, dysfunction, and vulnerability to disease.

Mutationistic evolutionists view genetic mutations as “saviors” of old species and “creators” of new species. If a remote island is covered with countless finches with identical beaks, identical bodies, and identical genomes, it should be obvious that they, and their “natural” environment, or “niche” were perfectly designed for each other. And most “move-in ready” natural environments often include food supplies that are so diverse that a beak, or “mouth” of almost any designed shape will be adequate as an “intake portal”.

Yet mutationistic evolutionists try to “explain” why finches have an array of “specialized”, perfectly shaped, and useful beaks. The story-line usually goes like this. Even though countless individuals of a particular specie of land, sea, or air “creature” were perfectly complete in every way, fully functional, and successfully reproducing in their natural environment, something must have happened environmentally that all of the current generation of individuals couldn’t “adapt” to as adults.

But lo and behold, “as dumb luck would have it”, and has allegedly happened an infinite number of times in order to account for the infinite number of “perfect” body features in all species, a single individual is “born” with a “mutant” genome that magically “self-constructs” a useable body “adaptation” (or some slight, and useless modification leading toward a future useable body “adaptation”). And once that individual survives to maturity (thanks to the instinctive protection services of the prior generation—and no unusual survival threats), its personal, “superior” mutant genome “overpowers” the normal genomes of all other individuals in its generation.

That is the essence of most theories of self-generated mutational evolution. One male, or one female individual of a fully functional specie (or any number of males or females) “by pure chance”, acquires a “reproducible” or inheritable mutated genome that not only “overpowers” and replaces the existing, essentially “identical”, successfully reproducing genome of all the other virtually identical males and females of a then current specie—but adds some useful, and unbelievably complex bodily component, or “style change” that provides competitive genetic “protection” to the new mutant genome of that one individual.

Awareness of the designed and necessary process of apoptosis enables a person’s mind to benefit from the “programmed death” of unnecessary and detrimental theories of “self-generated evolution” which usually hide behind impenetrable “curtains” of genuine scientific terminology that give the appearance of scientific support, but don’t provide any.

It is a fact of life, that a single individual, in any physical specie that has ever lived on Earth, which acquires a mutated genome, will rarely, if ever, survive its specie’s form of “gestation” (development), or “birth”, or period of “sexual immaturity”, so as to have any opportunity to pass its individual, mutated genome to any subsequent generation of that specie.

We can thank the process of apoptosis for preventing Mutant Evolution.


The following is an excerpt from my lengthy Presentation The "First Atom" . . . Xrayzr   http://www.xrayzrrevelations.com/new-xrayzr-revelations/the-first-atom-xrayzr/ in which I explain the many symbolic meanings within the name Xrayzr (pronounced eks-'RAY-zer).

It briefly discusses how the literal shape of the human chromosomes that enable unimaginably complex DNA replication, reveal who the Creative Designer of those human chromosomes is, in the sense that the scriptural “Angel of the LORD”, or singular Personification of the usually invisible LORD GOD, oversees the invention, engineering, development, and extensive testing of all DNA-based living creatures—and everything else.


The design of the relationship between the limited "Angel" (personification) of the LORD, and the ultimate, unlimited LORD GOD, Himself, was used as the basis of the design of every "physical" atom. Atoms are not "physical" in the sense of being different from anything composed of spirit. Atoms are actually infinitesimal invisible spirit complexes of coded "authorizations" which allow the ubiquitous neutral, non-"conscious", non-judging Spirit of God to automatically manifest or generate whatever "physical" material or power each individual atomic complex "authorizes" through its pre-programmed coding.

The most fundamental and "universal" atom is the Hydrogen atom composed of an electrically "negative" electron encircling an electrically "positive" proton acting as a defining interface or interactive barrier which is able to both repel or become inseparably bound to whatever becomes associated with it, allowing access to the unimaginable power of the central entity, the positive proton, thus creating the potential for accomplishments vastly greater than the single electron could ever manifest on its own.

We'll see that the design of the relationship of one electron and an infinitely more powerful proton presenting themselves as one indivisible Hydrogen atom is also found in the design of the relationship of the Sun to its presumed source of creation, the Milky Way Galaxy which contains infinitely more power and potential than the Sun; is essentially “invisible” to most humans, yet visible if one knows where to look, and does not interfere with the responsibility of the Sun to enable and regulate life on Earth.


13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the Beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred, threescore, and six.

Many have heard of the number 666, which is usually looked on with superstitious fear—or as a joke. In the copies of the Greek manuscripts which contain this sentence, the number is written in the Greek numerical form as χξς. The Greek word translated as "Christ" is Χριστός. We will see what the "number of a man" really means in a future discussion of the key to understanding it, which is symbolized during every total eclipse of the Sun by the Moon.

After the Hydrogen and Oxygen atoms which create the water content of most living bodies, the next most important and prominent atomic element is Carbon. Carbon has the "atomic number" 6, which means it is normally composed of a nucleus with six electrically positive protons and six electrically neutral neutrons which are being encircled by six electrically negative electrons—6.6.6.

Incidentally, electrons are what define the outer boundaries of individual atoms and determine whether or not an atom will be able to associate with other atoms identical to itself creating a useful quantity of an element, or whether an atom of one element will be able to associate with atoms of different elements creating molecules with vastly different characteristics and potential than the unassociated atoms could ever have.

As an example, Hydrogen atoms cause the manifestation of the most flammable elemental gas that exists. And when Oxygen atoms combine with potential "fuels" it vastly increases the flammability of the fuel. Yet, when two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of Oxygen are chemically bound, which cannot be accomplished by simply combining the atoms of the two gases, the resulting manifestation is a molecule of "water", which is probably the least flammable "chemical" on Earth.

Also, when negatively charged electrons become disassociated from their original assigned "habitation", they become uncontrolled "troublemakers" because of the "authority" each retains enabling it to continuously manifest "shocking" amounts of electrical energy without depleting itself. Actually, it is the non-judging Spirit of God that generates the electrical effect pre-authorized by the existence and location of an "electron".

Sometimes "alienated" electrons will combine their powers in the uncontrolled and terrifying form of energy we call lightning, causing the fiery destruction of the lives of countless creatures. Yet disassociated electrons can be constrained and controlled so that their collective powers, which we call "electricity", can perform useful work. But those electrons which aren't doing any "current" work must be "grounded" or sent into the literal ground, or earth so they won't become "good for nothing" static electricity, floating around invisibly in the air and interfering with the ability of humans to receive information, such as that transmitted by radio and non-cable television.

Hopefully you understood some of the symbolic parallels between electrons and angels at all levels.

The atomic representation of "GOD" goes far beyond the Hydrogen atom. The atomic configuration of the element Oxygen is a nucleus composed of eight protons and eight neutrons encircled by eight electrons—8.8.8. Though many have heard the number 666 associated with the name of a human who will be considered the Anti-Christ, the Greek alpha-numeric system also reveals that the "value" of the letters in the personal name of the "Christ", or Messiah is 888.

In Greek, as in Roman Latin, and a few other languages, some of the letters of the "alphabet" (Greek alpha, beta) are assigned numerical values. For example, the Roman numeral I=1, V=5, C=100, M=1,000. The Greek equivalent of the Hebrew name "YAHshua" is "Iesous" which has become transliterated as "Jesus". The alpha-numeric values of the Greek letters in "Iesous" are: iota I=10; eta e=8; sigma s=200; omicron o=70; upsilon u=400; and sigma s=200. Adding 10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 = 888, which associates the "number" of the name of the Christ—Iesous, with the "number" of the still unrevealed name of the Anti-Christ.

For those who might want to look into it before you see it discussed in future publications, the human named Antiochus Epiphanies fulfilled the first-phase identifying "exploits" of the Anti-Christ outlined in the prophecies revealed to Daniel about 300 years before Antiochus began fulfilling them. But he did not fulfill the final identifying "exploits" except in a symbolically typical manner.

In 167 BC Antiochus initiated an abominable desecration of the "reconstructed" Jerusalem Temple and claimed to be the embodiment of God. Apparently the devil spirit which was possessing him at the time will be allowed to finish what he started by possessing another human who will be known as the final Anti-Christ or "son of perdition", a name also applied to Judas Iscariot, who was probably controlled by that same devil spirit, except for the brief period during which Satan himself possessed him.

JOHN 6:70

6:70 Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?

The name "Antiochus Epiphanies" is not without significance. Most know the prefix "octo" refers to 8, as in octopus, or octagon, an 8-sided figure. In Latin-based Spanish the term for eight is "ocho". Thus, the name Antiochus is a clear reference to being "against the eights"—though that was probably not imagined at the time. And the apparently self-chosen name Epiphanies, or "appearance or revelation of God" was not just a coincidental reference to his posing as God .

The first, or initial letter of the Greek word Χριστός or Christos, meaning "anointed", has been used through many centuries as an abbreviation for "Christ", usually seen now in the alternative of the word Christmas—"Xmas". But the initial Greek letter "X" or "Chi", identifying the leading Designer of all physical species, is found in more than a couple of old words.

The "X" becomes "apparent" just before a cell "replicates" itself by, in effect, "creating" a new cell in its own "image", resulting in two cells that look identical to each other, each containing 45 or 46 gene-carrying "X"-shaped chromosomes, which are found within virtually every living cell of every human body on Earth.

Chromosomes contain the genes which identify every cell of every human and "authorize" all of the cellular processes that create and maintain our physical lives. Human genes (when not being replicated) are kept in order by "side-guides" twisted into a spiraling "ladder" effect (called a double-helix) that appears from the "side", to be a string of "eights".

The figure 8 can be seen in the shape of the classic "hour-glass". And when viewed horizontally it is the symbol for "infinity"—which also characterizes the "eternal life" of virtually all of the human genes which were originally designed and created specifically for the bodies of Adam and Eve, and which are still being replicated in the bodies of every human alive today.

But not all humans have 23 pairs of "signed" or "initialed" X-shaped chromosomes. About half of humans have a Y-shaped chromosome paired with one that is X-shaped—an "XY" coupling. Such individuals are usually known as males (but not always). "Y" is able to exercise dominance over "X" even though it is "X" that is the primary controller of human "destinies"—determining the type of body, and often the type of life, each human will have because of his or her appearance.

We will be seeing that the Supreme Being known as “Logos” uses, and is referred to by names containing a symbolic halo-shaped "O", as in "Omega" and "O God". The symbolism even shows up in the "o" of "ology" which connects "logy" with whatever form of knowledge (or "owl-ed-gee") he created which is being referenced.

The primary "halo"-ing "Eloh" Angel of the LORD, who is authorized to share some of the names of the LORD, GOD, the Unlimited (now known as GOD, the Father), has revealed their preferred name, which one could say begins with "Y"—YAHWH.

One of the most important of GOD’s names is “El”—seen alone, or in such names as “Elohim”—the collective creating design team consisting of the “Angel of the LORD”, and the “twenty-four Elohim Angel Elders” (the “us” being referred to in Genesis 1:26).

The “North” has long been considered the location of GOD’s Throne in Heaven (the spirit “Third Heaven” which surrounds Earth, as does the “atmospheric heaven” (sky), and the “second heaven” of “outer space” in which stars, and other “stars” are seen.

ISAIAH 14:13-15

14:12 How are you fallen from Heaven, O Lucifer, “son of the morning”! How are

you cut down to the ground, which did weaken the nations!

14:13 For you have said in your heart, I will ascend into Heaven, I will exalt

my throne above the “stars” of GOD. I will sit also upon the Mount of the

Congregation, in the sides of the North.

14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I will be like the Most High.

14:15 Yet you shall be brought down to Hell; to the sides of the [bottomless] pit.

The symbolically, and seemingly “immovable” “North Star”, Polaris, is located at the end of the arc-like “handle” of the stars of the “Little Dipper” constellation which appears to “spin” around that star every night, along with all other stars that are visible to the “unaided eye” from the Northern Hemisphere of Earth.

The two stars at the “far end” of the seven stars of the “Big Dipper” “point” to the “North Star” of the “Little Dipper”.

The root word “ool”, or “O El” is seen in the words “spool”, and “fowl” (which fly around), and “owl” which has an ingeniously designed neck physiology that allows it to “appear” to spin its head around 360 degrees without turning it back to the starting point. The study of bird eggs is “oology”.

To be explored later is the universal design of a life-generating central entity surrounded by an "O"-shaped spherical "shell" or outer "barrier" which is much less complex than what it surrounds yet is empowered to prevent intrusion by uninvited outside forces, while visibly defining what remains non-visible or "invisible" inside. Some examples are: an egg, or an atom, or every living cell of your body in which normally "invisible" chromosomes control the continuing construction and maintenance of your body and the bodies of any children you might engender.


That is the end of the excerpt from the Presentation: The "First Atom" . . . Xrayzr

Please read it if you naïvely believe that “science has all the answers”.