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Genesis  Exodus  Leviticus  Numbers  Deuteronomy  Joshua  Judges  Ruth  1.Samuel  2.Samuel  1.Kings  2.Kings  1.Chronicles  2.Chronicles  Ezra  Nehemiah  Esther  Job  Psalms  Proverbs  Ecclesiastes  Song.of.Solomon  Isaiah  Jeremiah  Lamentations  Ezekiel  Daniel  Hosea  Joel  Amos  Obadiah  Jonah  Micah  Nahum  Habakkuk  Zephaniah  Haggai  Zechariah  Malachi


 Matthew  Mark  Luke  John   Acts  Romans  1.Corinthians  2.Corinthians   Galatians   Ephesians  Philippians  Colossians  1.Thessalonians   2.Thessalonians  1.Timothy   2.Timothy  Titus  Philemon  Hebrews  James  1.Peter  2.Peter  1.John  2.John  3.John  Jude  Revelation

The Biblical books above are important for research purposes in this life. But there is only one Holy Book that will determine if your life continues eternally.


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    The Most Important Holy Book in the World

This page and its subpages will eventually include the titles of currently available books and publications I can recommend, and internet address links to websites which provide mostly "free" services which I often use, or are sources of a wide array of information that you might want to explore.

The second category will be reserved for my own publications which are in development and should be published over the course of this year and next—if all goes well. But how often does that happen? I also don't want to advertise for the "competition", because there's a lot of competition among "know-it-alls"—especially in the realm of religious philosophy. And in that realm, competition rarely seems to result in a better product.

You will also be able to access a diverse collection of what are respectfully, and sometimes not respectfully called "scriptures", even though the term means the same as "writings". As you will see, just because the writing of some person is included in a "book", or "bible" of writing and is referred to as "scripture", there is no reason to consider it "holy" merely by its association with writing that might be; especially if the content is diametrically opposite of anything worthy of being honored.

Presentation Scripture References will be a listing of scriptures that have been used in presentations you can find on this website, but in the order they would be found in the "King James Version Bible". Please compare the wording of any scriptures you see in this list with the wording you read in your "favorite" Bible, if you have one. Many look at all Bibles with disfavor.

If you see a word in my writing (which is "scripture" by my definition), and that word is not familiar to you; feel free to use the Online Reference resource below—TheFreeDictionary, Encyclopedia, and much more.

Or, if you are using MS Internet Explorer, simply double-click on a word on any page and an English version of TheFreeDictionary should pop up with a definition of the double-clicked word.

I'm being facetious—about my writing being "scripture". . . or am I? Remember what I just wrote—any writing can be called "scripture", but there is no reason to consider it "holy", or "the word of God" simply because someone says it is.

Type the obscure, or incomprehensible word into the white box; click the "button" of the type of defining source you want to utilize; and then click "Look it up". If "English" is not your favorite God-given language, and some of my "big words" need to be made more understandable, click on "Other languages", or its little "inverted pyramid" and you will find easy access to TheFreeDictionary in Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, and Russian.

I can't guarantee that anything I write will mean the same when translated into another language. That has been a problem around the World since the Tower of Babel incident. I only hope that the meaning I am trying to express now will eventually have the same meaning to readers "in English" as more "foundational" material has been covered. If you find it difficult to understand what I'm trying to say sometimes—so do I. And occasionally I have to "change my mind" about what I thought was true because further investigation either proves it wasn't, or creates too much doubt that it is. Understand?

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Recommended and Not Recommended Scriptures

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Genesis  Exodus  Leviticus  Numbers  Deuteronomy  Joshua  Judges  Ruth  1.Samuel  2.Samuel  1.Kings  2.Kings  1.Chronicles  2.Chronicles  Ezra  Nehemiah  Esther  Job  Psalms  Proverbs  Ecclesiastes  Song of Solomon  Isaiah  Jeremiah  Lamentations  Ezekiel  Daniel  Hosea  Joel  Amos  Obadiah  Jonah  Micah  Nahum  Habakkuk  Zephaniah  Haggai  Zechariah  Malachi

Matthew  Mark  Luke  John  Acts  Romans  1.Corinthians  2.Corinthians  Galatians  Ephesians  Philippians  Colossians  1.Thessalonians  2.Thessalonians  1.Timothy  2.Timothy  Titus  Philemon  Hebrews  James  1.Peter  2.Peter  1.John  2 John  3.John  Jude  Revelation

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Mark 13:3-6; 10

13:3 And as he sat upon the Mount of Olives opposite to the Temple, Peter, and James, and John, and Andrew asked him privately,

13:4 Tell us; when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign when all these things shall be fulfilled?

13:5 And Jesus, answering them, began to say, Take heed, lest any man deceive you.

13:6 For many shall come in my name, saying I am Christ; and shall deceive many.


13:10 And the Gospel [of the Kingdom of GOD] must first be published among all nations.

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